Well Done! 1 Pupil’s Pack por Steve Marsland; Bill … [et al.] Bowler; Sue Parminter

Well Done! 1 Pupil’s Pack, elaborado por Steve Marsland; Bill … [et al.] Bowler; Sue Parminter. El descargar Well Done! 1 Pupil’s Pack posibilitará que lo tengas siempre disponible en tus dispositivos. Pero no olvides que también puedes leerlo en línea, sin necesidad de descargarlo. Podrás obtenerlo en los formatos PDF gratis y EPUB gratis.  El libro está en idioma Inglés y tiene un total de 80 páginas. La editorial es Longman. Tenemos más libros en nuestro sitio, utiliza el buscador para llegar a ellos.


Whatever digital resources and teaching model you work with, Well Done offers you the perfect solution. Well Done is the new Primary course that offers maximum support for the teacher and maximum motivation for your pupils. For teachers it provides ready-to-use materials for instant lessons you don¿t need to spend lots of valuable time preparing ahead of your classes. Everything you need is there ready for you to start using immediately – easy to follow and clear to you and to your pupils. Well Done offers: Topic-based units which provide a clear context for language learning. The topics have been carefully selected to match childrens developing interests and understanding of the world, as well as to tie in with their learning in other subjects in the crosscurricular sections in each main unit. Motivating language work that is introduced through a story and a song, and practised in stories, enabling children to review all new language in the context of a clear and engaging context. A wide range of different types of activities that are designed to draw on childrens natural love of stories, acting, songs and games. Digital and multimedia materials which have been developed to be easy to use and to help you get the full benefits of all the possibilities that new technology can give to the English classroom. The Active Book, the Active Teach for IWB and Online access will considerably enhance and enrich your classes. /welldone


  • Título: Well Done! 1 Pupil’s Pack
  • Autor: Steve Marsland; Bill … [et al.] Bowler; Sue Parminter
  • Editorial: Longman
  • Otra información: información adicional no disponible.
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Páginas: 80
  • ISBN: Sin información del ISBN
  • Fecha de publicación: 11/1/2017

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